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    UI/UX Designing

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    Web App Development

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    Dedicated Hires

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    Software Testing & QA

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Walkwel is a custom software development company that creates revolutionary digital products that allow people to do their businesses effectively. With a vast range of IT services including Enterprise level applications, Blockchain development, digital marketing and branding, testing & automation, we deliver excellence in whatever we do.

Adhering to the deadlines, scaling the team, ensuring product quality, we help people develop their ideas from conception to completion.

Custom Tech. Solutions

Experience speed, quality and precision with custom software development and consulting services by Walkwel. Our services are based on the cutting-edge technology that build reliable software your customers can enjoy.

  • Product Scoping

  • Architecture Design

  • Software Product Development

  • Product Design Sprint

  • Software Product Support and Maintenance

  • Users Training

  • Copydeck

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Solving unique problems using Blockchain is what Walkwel’s programmers are passionate about. We impose a brand new level of security, efficiency and transparency collaboration using Blockchain.

  • Blockchain Based Distribution Application Development (DApp)

  • Blockchain Consulting

  • Cryptocurrency Wallet

  • Decentralized Exchange Development

  • Personalized Web Analytics for E-currency

  • Trading bots for E-currency

  • Smart Contracts, E-wallet & Exchange Programs

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Mobile App Development

Walkwel offers optimum solutions for native and cross-platform mobile application development that helps to discover mobility with an innovative, unique and scalable approach.

  • iOS Application Development

  • Android Application Development

  • Hybrid Application Development

  • React-native Application Development

  • Ionic Development

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UI/UX Designing

Creative Designers at Walkwel have experience in solving UX problems and creating elegant yet simple designs. With our expertise of user empathy and creative designs, we have assisted both Startups and enterprises to scale up their project with path-breaking UI/UX designs.

  • Creative Design Strategy

  • UX Review and Analysis

  • Wireframe

  • Clickable Prototypes

  • Responsive Designs

  • Interactive UI

  • W3C Validation

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Web App Development

Walkwel’s dedicated web app developers have experience in building world-class B2B and B2C applications focusing on Healthcare, FinTech, AdTech, e-Learning, and data analytics.

  • CMS Websites

  • On-demand Web Applications

  • Progressive Web App (PWA)

  • Custom-Facing Web Portals to CRM Systems

  • ERP Systems & Automation Systems

  • Enterprise Intranet & Extranets

  • Information Portals to Corporates B2B/ B2C Websites

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Data Analytics

Data Analysts at Walkwel develop applications that can organize, maintain, and analyze your structured as well as unstructured data efficiently. Connecting data sources and applications under a unified user interface, we enable end users to discover, share, collaborate and act upon insights in real time.

  • Business and Architecture Consulting

  • Data Strategy Consulting & POC

  • Data Visualization

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Data Discovery & Analytics Services

  • Fraud Detection and Analytics

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Digital Marketing

Walkwel’s digital marketing and branding services help businesses build their brand experiences on web, generate significantly more business revenue and get an edge over competition.

  • Social Media Marketing

  • Search Engine Optimization

  • B2B Content Marketing

  • Media Planning & Buying

  • Email-Marketing

  • Marketing Automation

  • Web Analytics

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Dedicated Hires

With Walkwel’s dedicated development team specific to your business, you can experience complete control over the project vision, milestones, and deliverables. Our DDC model works with highly specialized talent to give you unparalleled project scalability and resource flexibility.

  • Technology and Domain Expertise

  • 24*7 Project Transparency

  • Dedicated Project Managers

  • R&D Specialists

  • Scrum Methodology

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Software Testing & QA

Walkwel’s testing expert services help companies to save money by identifying software defects early and release faster without compromising quality. With our QA team, you can be sure of optimized software quality, improved performance and reduced operational cost per change.

  • Functional Testing

  • Usability Testing

  • UI Testing

  • Configuration and Compatibility Testing

  • Acceptance Testing

  • Cross-Platform Testing

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DevOps as a Service

Our DevOps team experience in automated deployment and continuous delivery (CI/CD) can help you to optimize your infrastructure and deploy in a matter of hours, not days. The blend of a shared code base and automated deploys, test-driven techniques and continuous integration are the key benefits you gain from our DevOps as a Service offering.

  • Continuous Delivery Pipeline Automation and Optimization

  • Virtualization of Data, Infrastructure and Services

  • Deployment and Release Orchestration

  • Version Management and Control

  • 24/7 Tracking and Monitoring

  • Centralized Log Management

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Industries We Impact

Who We’ve Worked With


As per experts’ research, intense competition in education technology will be leading to a spending of $250bn by 2020. Ed-tech solutions will transform education into a more flexible and cost-effective tool, tailored to specific needs of individuals.

Walkwel Ed-tech solutions help businesses handle the growing demand for skilled workforce. The range of educational software at Walkwel includes e-learning courses, visualization tools, gamification solutions, and much more.

Walkwel in collaboration with leading educational institutions has set up Ed-Tech Incubators to assurance that University students are not mere job seekers but job creators as well.



Walkwel has been cooperating with the leading financial technology companies in the UK and beyond. Our engineers have also built financial technology solutions that includes reliable P2P cross-border money transfers, Blockchain based currency exchange applications, e-wallets and more.

We design and deploy flexible software architectures with microservices. It allows smooth integration of internal and third-party services.

The expertise we offer for financial industry consists of Development of digital banking solutions, Bitcoin applications development, Online trading and exchange platforms engineering, Money transaction platforms engineering, Blockchain solutions for finance and Financial web and mobile applications development.



e-Commerce market is wide and there are many factors to consider. The choice of platform has a lot of impact on your online business. Walkwel makes sure the tool and platform chosen for your e-Commerce business delivers contingent, consistent, and personalized customer experiences.

Walkwel provides end-to-end software development services for retail and e-Commerce based companies. Our dedicated development teams help businesses adopt, maintain, and integrate the most suitable e-Commerce platform that matches growing expectations of the tech-savvy customers.

By offering high-quality e-commerce design and development services, Walkwel has helped several retail businesses start selling online successfully. Our expert e-commerce developers are competent and experienced in all popular e-commerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Opencart and more.



Over a decade, growing emphasis on innovation and tough new regulatory requirements have created opportunities for software solution providers to bring technical advancements in the functioning of Govt. organizations.

Walkwel has successfully taken this opportunity to help government department to do their work more effectively in serving their communities. We have offered software development services to public sector companies that are generally active in one or more market segments such as service delivery, intelligent infrastructure and civic tech focus areas.

Walkwel has been amongst IT research partner for Indian Government railways and education, as a global leader for application development, data collection, cleaning, analytics, visualization, and sharing.



Walkwel delivers diverse solutions for healthcare including Custom healthcare applications development, Big Data solutions for healthcare and Smart systems that automate administrative tasks.

With these offerings, we help healthcare companies develop innovative software solutions. that boost the efficiency of hospital operations and the effectiveness of treatments. We create systems that support interactive communication between patients, doctors, labs and medication suppliers to improve the quality of healthcare.

Also, we understand the vital role of data confidentiality for the healthcare providers. We have a proven experience with compliance and security regulations in the industry.



Blockchain is based on distributed ledger technologies that can efficiently record data/ information across various networks. It allows data/ information to be transferred directly without any requirement of mediators. The blockchain is based on the concept of a growing list or information that embraces a massive potential to transform an organization’s operating models in the long run.

Our mission and expertise are to connect your business with various blockchain networks. We effectively integrate this technology into your digital products, to help you build new software leveraging the blockchain.

Walkwel Technology is a leading Blockchain Development service provider with years of excellence in creating decentralized software applications based on Blockchain Technology. Being the prominent name in the industry, we nurture a team of Blockchain experts with vast experience and in-depth knowledge in software development. Moreover, we also develop peer-to-peer solutions for popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Litecoin and more.

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